Q:  What is “Water-Smart” auto detailing?  Is it safe for my car & the environment? Is it easy to do?

A:  Water-Smart detailing is the process of using zero or very low amounts of water to clean your car, truck, motorcycle or RV.  Drive Auto Appearance products feature Water-Smart technology that makes detailing your car car simple and easy to do.  Simply spray the product onto your dirty car surface, rub it in with a microfiber towel and wipe it off with another microfiber towel.  Drive products are absolutely safe for your vehicle, your family AND the environment.  All our products are made with the finest in natural ingredients and polymer technology.  Our products have zero-impact on the environment and are 100% biodegradable.

Q:  Will DRIVE Water-Smart Products scratch my car’s paint?

A:  Absolutely not.  When used proper our products are completely safe for all modern and classic paint systems.  As with any detailing product you want to ensure you are using proper detailing techniques and using quality application mediums.  We recommend only using our water-smart car wash products with high quality microfiber towels.  We sell a variety of towels for enthusiast and professional use on our website.

Q:  Ok, so your products are all natural, do they produce similar results as the non-natural products?

A:  Yes.  We formulated all our products with natural ingredients because we care about the environment and our customers alike.  We rigorously test our products in both laboratory and real-world environments to ensure they meet the standard of average enthusiasts and professionals alike before they reach the marketplace.

Q:  Are DRIVE products stand alone or do I have to use them together to get good results?

A:   The DRIVE Auto Appearance product line was designed to work as system with each product complimenting one another, however they can be used independently or matched with other brands.

Q:  How often should I wash my car with DRIVE products?

A:  A general rule of thumb is to wash your car every two weeks or more frequently as needed.  Because our products do not contain any silicones, petroleum, distillates or chemical detergents that weaken your car’s UV protection you can use them as often as you like with no ill effects to your paint, glass or trim surfaces.

Q:  Can DRIVE Products be used year-round?

A:  Absolutely.  Because our products are as simple as spray on , rub in and wipe you can use them indoors or out. Drive Auto Appearance Products are great for enthusiasts who live in apartments or in areas where water restrictions are enforced.  But always remember to use common sense when you detail your car, pre-rinse your car with a strong stream of water to remove caked dirt, sand or salt from the panels and wheels prior to using our waterless products.

Q:  I have a “clear-coat” paint job.  Are you products safe to use on my car?

A:  Yes. The term “clear-coat” simply refers to the clear (transparent) coat of paint that is sprayed over your car’s “base-coat” or color coat.  Clear coat paint is used as an added layer to protect and enhance the gloss of your car’s paint system.  Damage can occur to your car’s paint system in many ways.  The most popular defects are deep scratches, swirls, oxidation and etching.  The best way to avoid getting damage to your car’s clear coat is use proper car washing techniques, skip using automatic car washes, removing bird poop, tree sap, bug guts and other chemical born agents promptly.

Q:  Are DRIVE Products body shop safe?

A:  Yes.  All our products are silicone free so they can be used in auto body shops without fear of contaminating fresh paint jobs.

Q:  Can Water-Smart Products be used in direct sunlight?

A:  While technically the answer is yes, however for best results we recommend the car be cool to the touch and in a shaded area.  If you must work in direct sunlight, try doing so early in the morning or at sundown when ambient temperatures are lower.

Q:  How much product should I use to clean my car?

A:  A rule of thumb is “Less is Best”.  Because of the high concentration of premium ingredients in all our products it doesn’t take much to get great results.  Always follow the directions on the product label and consistently monitor your usage.  When you use it all up, just buy more!