At Drive Auto Appearance, we’re not only professional detailers; and we’re also hardcore car guys. So, after years of experiencing disappointing results with mainstream detailing products that relied on hype, outdated technology and harmful chemicals; we set out to create a world-class line of car care products that are safe for the environment, produce unmatched results and meet the stringent demands of today’s passionate auto enthusiasts and auto appearance professional alike.

Our Founders

Cameron & Tiffany Johnson

Growing up the son of automotive assembly line workers and the grandson of an auto detailing manager, Cameron Johnson was immediately drawn to the car culture. As a young boy he loved spending time with his grand-father learning the art of cleaning cars. He grew up enjoying the hustle and bustle of the auto manufacturing city and admiring in his uncles sleek Corvettes and shiny Cadillacs.
Cameron’s passion for auto detailing grew while serving in the United States Air Force where he received many accolades from superiors for having the cleanest HUMVEE in his unit. He also loved teaching other soldiers how to detail their personal vehicles. Upon receiving an Honorable Discharge from his military service, Cameron entered college and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Public Relations from Oklahoma City University.

He later settled into an advertising executive career in which he serviced several Fortune 500 companies. In 2007 Cameron launched a small part-time mobile auto detailing business to stay close to the hobby he loved. His advertising career would end abruptly in 2008 because of the US financial collapse. Faced with limited options and resources Cameron expanded his part-time auto detailing business into a full-time venture.
Cameron and his wife Tiffany relied on boot strap financing and an angel investor to open their first auto detailing shop in October 2008 in Dallas, Texas. Despite the depressed economy they focused on creating a “high-end, eco-friendly auto detailing service” concept. The new business caught on with North Texas car enthusiasts, and in 2010 they launched an innovative line of “water-smart” car care products. In 2014 the business was rebranded as Drive Auto Appearance and moved to Plano, Texas where it’s was known as North Texas’s first Certified Green Auto Detailing business. Today, Drive Auto Appearance is widely recognized among the media and enthusiast communities as an industry leader for its premium services, cutting-edge car care products and professional training. As President of Hi Def Group, LLC, Cameron remains active in the business and automotive communities where he promotes the industry as well as mentors and coach’s new auto detailing business and offers free car care seminars for detailing hobbyists. Cameron continues his life-long love affair with cars as the owner of two Corvettes and is President of The Rock Corvette Association of North Texas. Cameron and Tiffany’s journey has been highlighted on local and national media platforms, including coverage from FOX4 News, WFAA-TV, Dallas Luxury Living, Plano Star Courier, Car Wash & Detailing Industry Magazine, and The Auto Detailing Podcast. Cameron has been honored with awards for Concord Church’s Business Man of the Year, DFW Car Show’s Auto Detailer of the Year and Plano Green Business Certification.

Our entire line of high performance car washes, waxes, polishes, interior and exterior protectants and wheel & tire cleaners are made using the finest raw organic materials with powerful polymer technology. Each are rigorously tested in real-world scenarios to achieve our signature “Hi-Definition Shine”, easy application, outstanding durability and zero impact to the environment.

Try any of our Premium, Pure, Performance Driven products and you’ll see Drive Auto Appearance Products are the emerging choices of car enthusiasts, detail pros and car show champions!