Price - $22.98


Introducing the all-new DRIVE Rapid Coat Ceramic Spray Sealant! Rapid Coat Ceramic Spray Sealant is the quickest, easiest and most versatile way to apply an authentic, durable, glossy and hydrophobic SiO2 coating to your entire vehicle in minutes not hours!
Rapid Coat Ceramic Spray Sealant offers professional level quality results with the ease of a simple Spray On and Wipe Off DIY installation. Unlike traditional ceramic coatings that require hours for installation and days of cure time to reach their top levels of protection, Rapid Coat’s unique formula bonds with the surface and delivers immediate water-beading, ultra slickness and unreal gloss INSTANTLY.
RAPID COAT’S high tech ceramic resins help reduce surface scratches, oxidation, corrosion and premature aging while delivering advanced level surface protection paired with hydrophobic properties to help make washing and drying your entire vehicle simple and fast! . Rapid Coat can be used as a stand alone protective coating for 6-months of durability or layered over existing coatings to help restore hydrophobic properties and gloss.