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Jun 17, 2015
The interior of your car takes a lot of abuse.  Unlike the...

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Interior Detailing with Drive LUX Cockpit Products!

Interior Detailing with Drive LUX Cockpit Products!
The interior of your car takes a lot of abuse.  Unlike the inside of your home (which has many more times square footage) the inside of your car gets repeated concentrated traffic.  Each time you get in your car you drag in more dirt.  Each time you eat or drink in your car you add a few more crumbs, spills and and odors. In fact, just sitting in your car you can drop hair, dead skin, make-up and other contaminants!

We recommend that you clean your car's interior weekly to keep it looking, smelling and feeling like new.

Here's what you need to complete the job:

  • LUX Cockpit Complete Cleaner 
  • LUX Cockpit Premium Interior Conditioner 
  • LUX Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
  • EVO-CLEAR Glass Cleaner
  • LUX Cockpit Deodorizer
  • LUX Cockpit Protectant
  • Microfiber Applicator Pads
  • LUX Interior Carpet Brush
  • LUX Horse Hair Upholstery & Leather brush
  • (2) Interior Microfiber Cleaning Towels
  • Shop Vac with blower and or air compressor

Here's How you do it:

  1. Remove floor mats from the car.  
  2. Remove large items, trash and debris from the cabin & vacuum interior spaces.  Remove large debris from the interior and vacuum carpets and upholstery. If an air compressor or the blower attachment of your vacuum to blowout out the entire cabin. Try to move the dirt and trash to centralized areas of the cabin that are easier to see and reach. Take notice of the all the tight areas in the cabin as dirt and debris often accumulate there. Also be sure to slide the seats forward and back to gain better access to in-between the seats. Thoroughly vacuum the carpets, floor mats and and upholstery.  Repeat this process in the trunk area of the vehicle if necessary.
  3. Remove stains from carpet and cloth seats with EVO-CLEAN.  Spray EVO-CLEAN onto visible stains and blot with a cotton terry towel.  Scrub tough stains with a carpet brush and then blot until removed.
  4. Shampoo floorboards, mats & upholstery with LUX Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo.  Spray fabric areas with LUX Carpet Shampoo and allow foam to penetrate the surfaces.  If surfaces are lightly soiled spray product onto a water-damp microfiber towel and wipe down surfaces. For heavy traffic areas use a stiff carpet brush to scrub the carpet.  Wipe carpet and upholstery with a clean dry microfiber.  
  5. Clean all vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces with LUX Cockpit Complete Cleaner.  Spray LUX Cockpit Complete Cleaner on a folded microfiber towel and gently wipe surfaces until stains and dirt are removed.  Use a second dry microfiber towel and buff away any residue. If stains are heavy spray LUX Cockpit Complete Cleaner onto a Horsehair Brush and gently scrub surface until stains are removed. Wipe away residue with the product damp towel and follow up with the dry microfiber.
  6. Condition leather seats, vinyl and plastic panels with LUX Cockpit Conditioner.  Spray LUX Cockpit Conditioner onto a microfiber applicator pad and massage onto surface until the cream disappears.  Repeat this step until the entire cabin as been conditioned.  Use a folded microfiber towel to wipe away any high spots. Do not use on clear plastic or navigation screens.
  7. Clean interior glass and mirrors with EVO-CLEAR.  Spray a small amount of EVO-CLEAR onto a folded glass cleaning microfiber towel and wipe glass using a "framing" technique and firm strokes. Remove residue with a clean folded microfiber towel.  Flip towel to a clean side often to prevent streaks. Continue until glass is spotless. Use EVO-CLEAR to remove finger prints and smudges from interior aluminum, wood grain, navigation screens, chrome trim and instrument clusters. 
  8. Re-Vacuum cabin and floor mats and put mats back in the car. 
  9. Treat cabin odors with LUX Cockpit Deodrizer.  Spritz a small amount of Cockpit Deodorizer directly onto odor affected areas and under seats and floor mats.  For strong odors spray Cockpit Deodorizer directly into the cabin filtration duct (on the cowl) and set HVAC system to recirculate with fan on high. Let engine run for 5-minutes with windows up.
  10. Spray LUX Cockpit Protectant onto leather, upholstery, carpets & floor mats.  Now that your car's interior is nice and clean, protect your hard work with LUX Cockpit Protectant! Simply spray LUX Cockpit Protectant onto our leather, upholstery, carpet and floor mats in a even pattern and allow to dry for 30 minutes.
  11. Clean door jambs and door sills with Instant Gloss Detail Spray.  Spray Instant Gloss Detail Spray onto the door jambs and wipe with a folded microfiber towel. Flip towel to a clean side and buff until residue is gone.